We have some of the best gear in the business, and we like to keep it that way. Our gear is meticulously maintained and cared for. Our equipment packages are anything but standard. We work with you to understand the requirements of your project and design the equipment package to meet your needs. Please take a look at our custom packages here.

Camera and audio packages available

4K camera, Zeiss lenses, 17" and 7" production monitors, tripods, audio gear and more. 


People make the difference. Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with the right attitude and years of experience. Our priority is executing your vision and making your project a success. We work closely with you to understand your production needs and put together a lighting crew that is best suited for your project.  

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Welcome to Calabria Lighting and Grip, a local owner/operator run professional video lighting company based in Southern California. We have been providing lighting and grip solutions to the region since 2001. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with quality service from pre production to wrap and to deliver results that are on point with your vision. 

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Complete Lighting and Grip Packages 

Featuring San Diego's only full service modular 1.5 Ton lighting and grip van. Packs a big punch in a small profile. Loaded with Skypanels, Cinemills Sufa Bullet 800, Litegear Litemats, Quasars, Astras, M18's and more. All the carts are preloaded to your shoots specs and roll on/off via custom ramp. Parks in a single space and underground parking structures, with no need for special parking or additional permit fees.