Announcing the arrival of the ARRI M18 to the lighting package! It's the brightest HMI you can plug into a 20 amp outlet. The possibilities are endless with this professional lighting fixture. Use it in a big 6x6 book light for a soft, natural looking source or punch it thru a window to enhance daylight. A great addition to the daylight kit.  


Introducing Litegear to the kit! A variety of Litemats, Litecards and ribbon to have fun with. Great to fit in tight spaces. For computer screens, cell phones, tape it to a wall or ceiling and so much more. The applications are only limited to your imagination. We offer multiple bi-color sizes so you can cut to fit in any given situation.   

Chimera Octaplus

Just in! The Chimera Octaplus hi heat 57. The chimera Octaplus adds a wonderful soft round eye light and is also expandable from 5ft to 7ft. Together with the Barger 6K it creates a large soft source with a beautiful quality of light. 

Quasar Science LED

The Q-Line LEDs also offer the ability dial in color temp from 2700K up to 5600K. The form factor allows it to be used in a variety of situations. Bi-color, dimmable and battery powered options available. 


Calabria lighting and grip introduces the Litepanel Astra to the kit with 2 next generation litepanels. Super bright, ultra portable and bi color! I customized a Chimera speeding to fit one of the Astras with a 24x32 soft box for an ultra portable super soft light with the option to switch out diffusions. With 4 new 330wh batteries to run them all day for run and gun shoots. The upgraded Bluetooth modules make color and intensity adjustments easy via remote control using the iPhone Litepanels app!

ARRI Skypanel

The ARRI Skypanel has joined our arsenal of cutting edge LEDs. It's an epic light! SkyPanel is a compact, ultra-bright and high-quality LED soft light that sets a new standard for the industry. It's one of the most versatile soft lights on the market, as well as one of the brightest. Fully tuneable between 2,800K and 10,000K, with excellent color rendition over the entire range. With Lee and Rosco filters programmed into the fixture. Need 1/4 CTB added to the tungsten setting? No problem. Full plus and minus green correction can be achieved with the simple turn of a knob, and vivid color selection and saturation adjustment are also possible

Check out what's new at CLG! We're gear junkies and we love to play with all the fun new lighting and grip toys. Don't see something you want? Let us know, we'll get it for you! 

Barger 6 Lite

The 6K Barger Baglite has now joined the tungsten family. A super soft source when combined with our Chimera quartz line of soft boxes, including the popular Octaplus. The Barger lite has the ability to go from 1K up to 6K with individual switches that control 1K bulbs. Its versatile, fast to set up and gives you an ultra soft source to play with. I have also used it as a book light and have shot it through larger frames. A real workhorse on set. 

The Zoom Crane

The Zoom Crane! The latest in jib arm technology is here. The mini Zoom Crane is an ultra portable solution for dynamic camera movement on the fly. Sets up in seconds and breaks down into a small pelican case. You can set it up on a tripod, a combo stand, on a cart or on the Dana Dolly for compound shots. A great addition to the kit for those run and gun shoots where you want to add some production value quickly.  

Mole Richardson

Calabria Lighting and Grip beefs up its tungsten arsenal with all new Litewate Mole Richardson fixtures. I'm a HUGE Mole fan and I'm proud to offer a complete line of these premium lights. New 650w Tweenies II's, Studio 6" 1K's and 300w InBetweenies! With all the accessories including snoots and focal spots.  

Chimera Birdcage

Two Chimera Birdcage Lanterns are now in the kit. I purchased one earlier this year and had to get another one. These lights are extremely versatile. I've used one on every shoot so far. Loving them as a backlight. They are just the right size and you can skirt them for more control. I've used them with 500w mogul based bulbs and practical bulbs as well as LEDs to fill spaces with ambient light and even as an eye light. They lay flat or upright, hang them or fit them in tight spaces. I will be using these a lot!  

Kino Flo

We've added some more Kinos to the Kino Flo kit. Some new 2ft 4 banks with all the accessories. Complete with rolling case for easy transport. Great for cross keying interviews, as a fill light and backlight. It's that Kino quality we've all come to know and love!