​​​The Grip Van: Ford E350 Heavy Duty with ramp

Our most popular vehicle. This is the only full service, modular lighting and grip van package in San Diego. Our clients love this van for it's slim profile and punch it packs. I have built this van from the ground up to provide a lighting and grip package loaded with premium industry grade brand name gear that supports a wide variety of productions while maintaining a small profile. This is not your average grip van. It has more premium lighting gear than most local grip trucks twice it's size and it has been designed form the ground up to be as efficient as possible. It's a stealthier version of a bona fide grip truck with preloaded carts that roll on and off via custom ramp. With ARRI M18's, 1200 pars, Skypanels and more the van can accommodate bigger shoots too! It's ability to park in a single space and in under ground parking garages allows for easy access to locations without the logistical complications or additional permit fees associated with larger grip trucks. The grip van has it all: tons of professional lighting instruments, 4x4 and 2x2 shiny boards, 12x12, 8x8 and 6x6 frames with a wide variety of fabrics, premium grip gear and camera support items, jib arm, dolly, plenty of combo and light stands, C-stands, 4x4 frames, flags and nets of all sizes, sand bags, carts and so much more. And the grip van is modular in design with gear preloaded on carts allowing grip & lighting equipment to be moved efficiently from van to set via custom ramp. All the gear is meticulously maintained, in like new condition and serviced regularly.  

 Ford E350 Extended V10 Grip Van with ramp for smaller to medium shoots.  

2 Ton Sprinter with lift gate for larger shoots

The most complete grip packages in town

Quality brand name lighting fixtures are at the foundation of the packages. We offer the latest in LED technology like the ARRI Skypanel, Litepanels Astra with bluetooth remote modules, Cream Source Micros, Quasar Science (4ft, 2ft, 1ft crossfade bulbs),  Litegear Literibbon, LiteMats and more. We also carry the popular ARRI M18 and ARRISUN 1200w and 575w Pars with electronic flicker free ballasts, tungsten ARRI and Mole Richardson fresnel and open face fixtures from 200w up to 2K, Ultra Light 2K space lights, 4ft and 2ft Kino Flo package containing 4 bank, double and single tube fixtures. A complete line of Chimera Quartz, Octaplus and Video Pro soft boxes compliment the wide variety of lighting instruments available with speed rings to fit every open face fixture. A Barger 6-lite V2 and two Barger 3-lite fixtures with small and medium Chimera Quartz soft boxes with the ability to go from 1K to 6K at the flick of the switch from any standard outlet. And for dynamic camera movement we offer the Zoom Crane, Dana Dolly and Vance jib capable of supporting up to 60 pounds. The lighting packages are full of great lights and custom upgrades guaranteed to enhance the quality of your next production. As one of the only owner/operators in town I have the ability to negotiate the most competitive pricing.

2 Ton Sprinter 

San Diego's most complete lighting and grip truck. The Sprinter can accommodate all of the gear that the grip van offers but with more grip gear for larger shoots. More C-stands, frames, combo stands, sand bags, 20x20 frame and grip rigging gear. It also carries a wide variety of speed rail for rigs and more. The grip truck is ideal for larger shoots where parking permits and space to unload is provided. This Sprinter is a beast with tons of great industry grade gear capable of supporting larger productions.