Can you explain your packages to me? How will I know what I need?

I have put together a comprehensive list of different flat rate packages based on common production needs. And two vehicles to choose from. The packages are discounted up to 20% off of a la carte prices providing discounts for you and more gear options for me to enhance the quality of your production. And the final invoice will always match the estimate for flat rate peace of mind. Give me a call to chat about your lighting needs and let's find the right package for your upcoming shoot. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you have about our services. Consultations are always free and we're here to help make it work. 

Do you have HMI's?

Calabria Lighting and Grip provides a great variety of HMI daylight balanced lighting. From the ARRI M18 to 1200w ARRI Pars. As well as the new LED Cinemills Sufa Bullet 800 which puts out 4K equivalent. We even have mid range and smaller sources like the ARRI 575w Par and Mole Richardson 200w open face DigiMole. We pack more daylight punch than trucks twice our size. We also have next Litepanels Astras, ARRI Skypanels, Creamsource Micros as well as Kino Flo daylight balanced bulbs for our inventory of Kino fixtures. 

What is your service range?

Although Calabria Lighting and Grip is based out of San Diego County we provide service to the whole Southern California region. We are just 1hr and 40 minutes from LA and only 50 minutes from north Orange County which allows us to work there locally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you fit all that gear into the van?!

It's simple. Because the grip van is a beast! Its an extended Super Duty V10 Ford E350. We bring what we need and then some to get the job done. We don't store all the surplus gear you aren't going to use and haul it around with us on location. From a few minutes on the phone its easy to determine what your lighting needs will be and we will prep for it and have some extra for back up. The grip van can fit up to 5 preloaded carts including a sand bag cart. And everything rolls right off the custom ramp. We can also fit in underground parking garages where trucks and sprinters can't.  

Where do you source your crew?

My guys are the best in town. Or any town for that matter. I hire the very best to provide you with the very best. It's a simple formula for success. With Calabria Lighting and grip you get the very best tools, techniques and personnel the industry has to offer. Safety minded and highly skilled. 

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer multi day discounts and daily percentage breaks depending on your gear needs. We know all budgets are different and we want to help make your next shoot look amazing. After discussing your lighting needs we will do what we can to get you a discount. Happy to help.  

Can your van support outdoor shoots?

Yes. Our grip van can support a wide variety of outdoor shoots from providing overhead diffusion frames  to supporting more complex shoots. We carry reflector boards, 12x12 and 6x6 frames with a huge variety of fabrics as well as multiple 4x4 frames and bounce choices including beefy stands to support all these options. We even have a custom black out monitor tent for outdoor client viewing and quality control. 

How can I get a quote?

The fastest way to get a quote is by calling or texting (760) 692-7915. You can also reach us quickly by filling out the form on the contact page. Or via email at We will get back to you shortly with competitive pricing options.  

Who is my Gaffer going to be?

As owner/operator Nicholas Calabria Gaffs every shoot and sees to it personally that you receive first rate service. With most lighting and grip companies you never know who you are going to get but at Calabria Lighting and Grip you get the owner. Nicholas has built this company from the ground up and has hand selected every piece of gear that he lights with. It's that familiarity with the tools and lighting fixtures that take your shoots to another level of quality. 

How much time do you need to get the first shot lit?

Calabria Lighting and Grip prides itself in being extremely efficient. Since all the carts come preloaded with your specific lighting and grip requirements we are able to roll right off the van and straight to set allowing us to dig in and get that first shot up in no time. Depending on the complexity of the shoot and number of lighting crew members we can have you up in an hour or less.