7.5 Ft Jib Arm: $175

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No tools required. Sets up in under 5 min. Includes tripod with geared pedestal head for precision adjustments and an additional 2 feet of height. Supports up to 50 pounds. Telescoping arm from 3ft up to 7.5ft. Light steel alloy. With Pelican rolling case and custom weight transporter.


Zoom Crane:$100

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The Zoom Crane offers precision movement in a compact, easy to transport, ultra portable profile. It packs up into a pelican case and can be stored on a cart for quick access to a jib shot on the fly. Sets up in minutes. Rest it on an apple box, a cart or a tripod. Zoom Crane is the latest in jib arm technology that can add dynamic movement and production value to any shoot. 

Dana Dolly:$85

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With track available from 4 to 10 ft. Supported by two low combo stands.  


Studio in a Box: $85

12x30 White Cyc paper roll. Super white 12 foot wide portable roll of professional grade 5 gauge matte white paper. Shoot full body head to toe, talking heads or multiple people as if you were in the studio. Brings the studio to you, where space is provided. 


Walkies: $65

5- Motorola BPR40 walkie talkies, charging station, 10 batteries, headsets. 


Practical bulbs: 

211, 212, 213, EBW 500w (daylight), BCA 250w (daylight), ECT 500w, ECS 250w






From brand name LED's to traditional tungsten fixtures we have it all! All of our gear is meticulously maintained and checked before every shoot. From on location commercials to CEO interviews Calabria Lighting and Grip has you covered!



All Chimeras come with quarter/half/full grid, and muslin front with light tools soft crates.

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Chimera 5ft Octaplus: $65. Add 7ft expansion kit for $35
Chimera Birdcage lantern light banks: $35 each
48x36 Chimera Medium Quartz Bank Plus: $50 each
32x24 Chimera Small Quartz Bank Plus: $40 each
32x24 Chimera Video Pro Plus: $30each
XXSmall 16x12 Chimeras: $20 each


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*Chimera speed rings available for each fixture.

ARRI M18 HMI w/high speed ballast: $295 each 
1200w ARRISUN 12 Par Plus w/electronic ballasts: $225 each

575w ARRI Par Plus w/electronic ballast: $165 each


Wide variety of full rolls of diffusion: 
Hampshire, 216, 250, 251, opal, light grid and more.
1000H tracing paper
Foam core, bead board 
Black/white/silver/gold show card. 
Various size rope, sash and trick line.  
Wide variety of full rolls of color correction gels and party color gels: 
CTO, CTB, Straw, plus and minus greens, ND. 
1/4", 1/2" and 1" paper, gaffers, photo black, camera tapes of various colors, caution cable tape. 
Dulling sprays: Clear, black, white

​Atmosphere haze 

Multi-day pricing discounts available. Ask about new client discounts.

Please see insurance requirements and rental info here.

Grip Package: $350/day

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12x12' frame with assortment of diffusion and bounce materials (green screen, silver/gold checker board, silver,

ultra bounce, Hi-Lite, full-half-light silent sail grids, unbleached muslin, black solid, double net).
6x6' frame with assortment of diffusion and bounce materials (silver, silver/gold checker board,

silver/ultra bounce checker board, ultra bounce, black solid, half soft frost, china silk, 1/4 china silk,

black china silk, Poly silk, light and full silent grid, black solid, unbleached muslin )
9x20' Green screen paper roll and 1- 9x20' white cyc paper roll
Assortment of 4x4 frames with 250, 251 216, Opal and Hampshire diffusion, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 CTO
42x42 Shiny Boards with hard and soft sides
4x4 Ultra Bounce floppies (Ultra Bounce inside/black outside)
Short C-Stands
Baby stands/primie stands
Combo stands
Low Boy combo stands
Hi Roller combos stands
Sand Bags: 15lb, 20lb shot and 35lb bags
Full assortment of frames, flags, floppies and single/double nets and open ended silks:
10- 4x4 frames of diffusion and color correction gel: hampshire, opal, 250, 216, CTO, CTB
4x4 black china silk slip on
48x48 black floppies
48x48 Ultra bounce floppies. Black exterior w/ ultra bounce interior
7'x2' cutter
36x8" cutter
24x36 black flags
24x36 double nets
24x36 single nets
24x36 silks
24x36 frames of opal, hampshire, 250, 216
24x36 black china silk
18x24 black flag
18x24 double net
18x24 single net
18x24 silk
Custom monitor/client viewing tent with black interior and 4 zippered sides
Full sets of apple boxes: full, half, quarter and pancake.
SpeedRail: 10', 8', 4' with junior and 5/8" rigging hardware ​
Hi-Hat: Birns and Sawyer 100mm bowl 
2 1/2" grip heads
4 1/2" grip heads
Junior to baby stand adapters
Baby plates 3"
​Foam core holders (platypus)
Scissor clips
8" C-clamps
5/8" triple baby offset arm  
Crate of wedges, cribbing and cup blocks
Grip clips: 1/4", 1" and 2" 
Furniture pads (black)
Safety cones

Kino Flo:

All Kino Flos come with choice of 2900K, 3200K or 5600K bulbs
4ft 4 bank Kino Flo with full Floziers: $60 each  
4ft 2 bank Kino Flo: $40 each  
2ft 4 bank Kino Flo: $55 each
2ft single Kino Flo: $15


6K barger Baglite: $60 each

3K Barger Baglite: $45 each

1000w Mole Richardson Baby fresnels: $25 each

1000w Mole Richardson Studio fresnels: $25 each

1000w Mole open face: $25 each

650w Mole Tweenie II fresnels: $20 each

600w Mole Teenie Weenie open face: $20 each

300w Mole Betweenie fresnels: $15 each

200w Mini Mole fresnels: $15 each

750w Source Four: $20 each

2000w Space Lights: $35 each

ARRI Kit with 24x32 Chimera: $85 each


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CINEMILLS Sufa Bullet 800: $375

ARRI Skypanel: $275 eachw/Chimera add $65

Litepanels Astra Bi-Color w/softboxes, 190wh batteries, wireless remote bluetooth modules: $80 each

LitePanels Gemini: $150 each

Creamsource Micro Bi-Color: $80 each

Astera Titan 8 Tube Kit: $300

​Litegear Litemat 8 Plus: $250 each

​Litegear Litemat 4 plus: $120 each
Litegear Tungsten Litestix kit: $25 each
Litegear Daylight Litestix kit: $25 each
Bi Color Litegear Litecards: $25 

Quasar Science Q-Line crossfade Bulbs, 8ft, 4ft, 2ft: $20 each