The daylight package comes with 1-1800w Arri M18, 1-ARRI Skypanel, 2-1200 ARRI HMI Pars, 1-575W ARRI HMI Par and 1-200w Mole Richardson DigiMole HMI Par. All the HMI's come complete with flicker free electronic ballasts, full scrim sets and dedicated speed rings that can support a variety of available soft boxes. 2 Litepanel Astra LED lights compliment the daylight package with up to 400w of ultra portable HMI comparable intensity, battery powered by 4 available 190wh Anton Bauer mount batteries. The Astras also come with a custom built 24x32 Chimera soft box. The grip gear supports this package by providing various frames, flags, nets and more to control and modify existing daylight.