To provide my clients with the highest quality lighting and grip services. To work as a team player with the goal of collaborating to create the best image possible while providing a safe and friendly work environment.

Nicholas Calabria


As owner/operator I Gaff every shoot and see to it personally that you receive first rate service with results that you will be thrilled with. With cameras shooting in 4K and more lighting has become more important than ever. It's not only about how much light you use but about the quality of light, and where you put it. It's my goal is to work with your budget and use my experience and professional lighting tools to put together a comprehensive package and crew that can enhance the quality of your next production. 

Why Hire Us:

-Our team is chosen for their experience, reliability and attitude
-We work collaboratively to capture your vision and make sure you are thrilled with the results
-Our crews are battle-tested and experienced 
-Our team is versatile and efficient
-We arrive on time and with a good attitude

-We offer the most innovative gear packages in town